2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Accounts


Ms. Heidi Pendleton
Director of Student Accounts
Phone 951.343.4371
FAX 951.343.4515

The University reserves the right, with or without notice, to change fees and charges when necessary.

Student Charges in U.S. Dollars


Doctorate Program Tuition (per unit)

  Business Program $795
  Clinical Psychology Program 1,028
  Leadership 676
  Nursing Practice Program 676
  Organizational Change and Administration 676
  Public Administration Program 827
  Social Work 988

Ed.S. Program Tuition (per unit)

  Education Specialist Program $650

Master’s Program Tuition (per unit)

  Accounting $688
  Applied Mathematics 640
  Architecture 940
  Athletic Training 752
  Biomedical Sciences 926
  Business Administration 688
  Civil Engineering 695
  Communication 580
  Counseling Ministry 609
  Counseling Ministry and Counseling Psychology (Dual Program) 695
  Counseling Psychology 800
  Credential 675
  Education 700
  Electrical and Computer Engineering 695
  Engineering 780
  English 625
  Forensic Psychology 827
  Healthcare Administration 650
  Healthcare Simulation Leadership 550
  Higher Education Leadership and Student Development 675
  Industrial Organizational Psychology 768
  Information Technology Management 595
  Interdisciplinary Studies 625
  Kinesiology 667
  Leadership and Management Studies 650
  Mechanical Engineering 695
  Music 687
  Nursing Pre-Licensure 791
  Nursing Post-Licensure 650
  Organizational Leadership 650
  Physician Assistant (block tuition per semester) 18,920
  Pre-Nursing 791
  Public Administration 650
  Public Health 853
  Public Relations 580
  School Counseling 756
  School Psychology 756
  Social Work 788
  Software Engineering 695
  Speech Language Pathology 928
  Sport and Performance Psychology 703
  Worship Arts 582

Other Course Tuition (per unit)

  Audit (per unit) $172

Intensive English Program (IEP) Student Tuition

  IEP Tuition Per Semester (12 units) $5,250
  IEP Tuition Per Unit 437.50

Non-refundable Fees

(Applies to all programs; unless otherwise specified)

Required Student Fees

  General Fee - Master’s Program (per semester)
    Graduate Students with 5 or more units $365
    Graduate Students with 4 or less units 180
  General Fee - Intensive English Program (per semester)
    IEP Students with 6 or more units $750
    IEP Students with 5 or less units 255
  Student Services Fee - Intensive English Program (fall/spring)
    On-campus Students (with 6 units or more) $300
    Off-campus Students (with 6 units or more) 280
    International Student Fee (in addition to student services fee; fall/spring) 300
  Student Health Insurance (per semester)
    International Students (Required, Traditional GRAD, DOCT) $994
    Traditional GRAD, DOCT Students (Optional, 7 or more units) 994
Traditional GRAD Students (Optional, 1 or more units for the below programs)

Athletic Training, Physician Assistant, Speech-Language Pathology, Social Work

    Traditional Nursing Students (Optional, 1 or more units) 994
  New Student Fee (Intensive English Program Students only)
    Fall $310
    Spring 160

Traditional Single Student Housing (per semester)

  Housing Reservation Fee $100
  Graduate Housing - Shared Occupancy 3,595
  Graduate Housing - Private Occupancy 5,390

Board (Semester Meal Plans)

  The following semester meal plans are available to graduate students:  
    Plan A (35 meals; 150 dining dollars) $650
    Plan B (50 meals; 250 dining dollars) 1,000
    Plan C (75 meals; 250 dining dollars) 1,335
    Plan D (90 meals; 350 dining dollars) 1,670
    Plan E (115 meals; 350 dining dollars) 2,000
    Plan F (140 meals; 350 dining dollars) 2,310
    Plan G (160 meals; 400 dining dollars) 2,595
    Plan H (180 meals; 450 dining dollars) 2,880
    Plan I (205 meals; 450 dining dollars) 3,130
    Plan J (225 meals; 500 dining dollars) 3,410
    Plan K (245 meals; 550 dining dollars) 3,660
    Plan L (270 meals; 550 dining dollars) 3,940
    Plan O (60 meals; 650 dining dollars) 1,525  
    Plan P (75 meals; 750 dining dollars) 1,855
    Plan Q (90 meals; 850 dining dollars) 2,175

Academic Fees

  Comprehensive Exam Fee (EDU 594, ENG 594, MPA 594, NUR 597) $355
  Comprehensive Exam Fee (FPY 598) 100
  Directed/Independent Study Fee (per unit, in addition to tuition) 275
  Dissertation Support Fee (BUS 797, ORG 798) 1,000
  Education Lab Fee (PPS 535, PPS 544, PPS 553, PPS 563, PPS 564, SPE 558) 325
  Education Student Teaching Fee for Supervision (EDU 580, EDU 582, SPE 580) 30
  EdTPA Exam Fee (EDU 580) 300
  Fall Student Retreat Fee (IOP 509) 350
  Healthcare Simulation Technology Fee (HSL 510, HSL 590, HSL 599) 50
  Global Practicum (ARC 564G, EDU 511G, EDU 534G, HED 520G,MUS 559G, NUR 539G, NUR 561G, SPP 560G, SWK515G, SWK 576G, SWK 578G) 4,500
  Induction Portfolio Fee (Online GRS 510, GRS 511, GRS 515, GRS 516, GRS 520, GRS 521, SPE 510, SPE 511) 250
  Music Instruction Fee (MUS 535, MUS 572) 335
  Music Private Instruction (per lesson)  
    1 lesson per week (1/2 hour) $340
    2 lessons per week (1 hour) 680
  Nursing Equipment Fee (NUR 501) 120
  Practice Seminar I Fee (PSY 501S, Traditional Grad only) 50
  Program Fees (per semester unless otherwise specified)
    Architecture (fall/spring) $1,350
    Athletic Training (per semester) 525
    Clinical Psychology (PSY 720, PSY 740, PSY 760, PSY 780, PSY 791) 250
    Counseling Ministry (CBS 500) 400
    Engineering - Graduate (fall/spring) 300
    Leadership Studies - Doctorate (fall/spring/summer) 425
    Nursing Pre-licensure (NUR 502, NUR 522, NUR 536, NUR 546) 2,075
    Nursing Post-licensure  
              Family Nurse Practitioner (NUR 569P, 572P, 574P, 576P) $1,210
              Adult Gerontology Acute Care (NUR 508P, 509P, 510P, 511P) 1,210
              Psychiatric Mental Health (NUR 504P, 505P, 506P, 507P) 1,210
    Nursing Practice (NUR 702, 712, 722, 790, 791, 792, 793) 1,033
    Physician Assistant 1,325
    Traditional MBA (per unit) 175
    Worship Arts (fall/spring/summer) 150
  Radiological Sciences Clinical Fee (RAD 350, RAD 355, RAD 450, RAD 455, RAD 460) 75
  Residency Fee (SWK 500, SWK 505, SWK 557, SWK 567, DL residency sections only) 250
  Residency Fee (SWK 705, SWK 720, SWK 730, SWK 797) 1,000
  School of Education - Student Teaching/Internship  
    Internship Practicum Fee (EDU 582, SPE 582) $230
    Continuance Fee (SPE 583) 230
    Extended Service Area Fee 225
  Software Fee (BUS 534, ITM 506, ITM 511, ITM541) 39
  Speech Language Pathology Clinical Practicum Fee (CDS 542, CDS 552, CDS 562, CDS 572) 1,500
  Sport and Performance Psychology Practicum I, II, and III Fee (SPP 540, SPP 560, SPP 580, SPP 590) 1,000
  Subject Matter Competency Fees:
    CBU Student $110
    Non-CBU Student 220
  Testing Fee (PSY 555, Online and Traditional Graduate) 125
  Testing Fee (SWK 577, Traditional Graduate) 100
  Thesis/Project Reading Fee (per unit, ENG 597, ENG 598, FPY 597, MUS 598, NUR 598) 540
  Uniform Fees (annual)  
    Camerata (MUS 559) $325
    Lancer Chorus (MUS 562) 325
    Magnolia Singers (MUS 561) 325
    Rhapsody Choral (MUS 564) 325
    Symphony Orchestra (MUS 569) 325
    University Choir and Orchestra (MUS 560) 600
    Wind Ensemble (MUS 567) 325
  Worship Arts Residency Fee (MUS 577, MUS 578) 599
  Worship Arts Digital Resource Fee (MUS 501) 350

Student Accounts

  Credit Card Convenience Fee (assessed by 3rd party payment processor for all credit and debit card payments) 2.9%
  Semester Payment Plan Enrollment Fee $35
  Study Abroad Processing Fee (Non-CBU programs) 280
  Late Payment Fee 200
  Dishonored Check (per check) 30
  Wire Transfer Fee 30

Student Services

  Lost Key $65


  Duplicate Diploma Fee $50
  Graduation Application Fee - Doctoral Degree 750
  Graduation Application Fee - Master’s Degree 250
  Transcript Fee (per transcript) 10
  Transcript Delivery / Mailing Fees  
    Electronic Delivery (per transcript) No Charge
    Standard U.S. Mail (per transcript) 2.50
    Standard International Mail (per transcript) 5.25
    Express Mailing - Two Day U.S. (per transcript) 30
    Express Mailing - International (per transcript) 55


  Graduate $45
  Re-admission 25

Additional Cost of Attendance Components

Cost of Attendance (COA) includes the amount of money the average student is expected to need for both Direct costs (expenses charged by the school, such as tuition and on-campus housing) and Indirect costs (school related expenses a student will pay such as gas or an off-campus apartment) during the academic school year.  These costs are calculated based upon where the student plans to live and the academic program in which they are enrolled.

Additional Cost of Attendance per Semester Off Campus
Housing $6,881
Food - campus meal plan n/a
Food - outside meals $3,236
Books, course materials, supplies, and equipment $469
Transportation $882
Miscellaneous personal expenses $1,814


Additional Cost of Attendance for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 Combined Off Campus
Housing $13,762
Food - campus meal plan n/a
Food - outside meals $6,472
Books, course materials, supplies, and equipment $938
Transportation $1,764
Miscellaneous personal expenses $3,628

Policy for Student Accounts

All student account charges are due and payable by the Payment Due Date. To maintain enrollment, students must complete payment and agree to the terms and conditions of the Tuition and Fee Agreement, in addition to meeting all academic and standard of conduct requirements. The University expects students to cover all charges for the current semester before advancing to a future semester.

California Baptist University offers three payment options to assist students in covering tuition and fee charges. Students may choose to make a payment, set-up an automatic monthly payment plan, and/or use financial aid to cover their balance. International, Special Admit, and Professional Development Students are required to pay their balance in full each semester by the Payment Due Date.

Students who remain enrolled past the last day to drop with refund must cover all charges incurred in accordance with the Policy for Refund of Tuition, Fees, Room, and Board Charges. If a balance exists, a hold may be placed on the student account preventing release of diploma, and future registration until the balance is paid in full with verified funds.

Payment Due Dates

All students should pay their balance by close of business day on the Payment Due Date to avoid a Late Payment Fee and possible enrollment cancellation.

  Semester Payment Due Date
  Fall 2023 Wednesday, August 9, 2023
  Spring 2024 Thursday, January 4, 2024
  Summer 2024 Monday, May 6, 2024

University Approved Payment Options

Option 1 (Student Account Payment)

California Baptist University accepts the following forms of payment:

Online Payments - Online check payments and credit/debit card payments are accepted online through InsideCBU. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted with a convenience fee. Online check payments are accepted with no additional cost. Foreign Currency Payments processed by Convera formerly known as Western Union Business Solutions are also accepted online.

Check Payments - Check payments can be made in the Student Accounts Office or mailed to California Baptist University; Attention: Student Accounts; 8432 Magnolia Avenue; Riverside, CA 92504. The student ID number should be listed on the check. All student account payments must be received in the Student Accounts Office by the Payment Due Date.

Option 2 (Monthly Payment Plan)

The monthly payment plan enables students to pay all or part of their semester charges in four monthly installments without interest. Payments are due on the 5th of the month.  A $35 per semester enrollment fee is required. Re-enrollment by the Payment Due Date is required each semester. A Late Payment Fee may apply if the first monthly payment transaction is not successful for any reason. Please see the InsideCBU Student Accounts tab for more information.

Option 3 (Financial Aid)

Financial aid includes scholarships, grants, federal loans, and alternative loans. Students are encouraged to register and meet all financial aid requirements at their earliest opportunity. Financial Aid must be awarded and accepted by close of business day on the Payment Due Date. Please see the financial aid section of this catalog for more information.

Tuition and Fee Agreement

All students are required to submit a Tuition and Fee Agreement electronically through InsideCBU. The agreement outlines the student’s financial responsibility for covering all student account charges. Students are encouraged to read through the agreement and contact the Student Accounts Office with any questions prior to submission.

Delinquent Accounts

All student account charges are due and payable by the payment due date. Failure to make payments of any indebtedness to the University when due, including, but not limited to, tuition, housing or rental charges, student loans, laptop fees, special fees, library or parking fines, is considered sufficient cause, until the debt is settled with verified funds, to bar the student from classes, to record no grades on transcript, to withhold diploma, to dismiss the student, and to hold all records as the University deems necessary. At the completion of each semester, accounts with an outstanding balance are considered delinquent. Interest is charged on all delinquent accounts at a rate of .03% computed daily or 10% per year. In the event an account is turned over to a collection service, the cost of the service and reasonable attorneys’ fees will be added to the account. Returning students will not be permitted to register for classes if a balance appears on their account.

Policy for Refund of Tuition, Fees, Room, and Board Charges

The Student Accounts Office will automatically process tuition refunds for all eligible students. Tuition refunds are calculated from the date of official withdrawal. A withdrawal is considered official when a completed Petition to Withdraw Form has been submitted to the Admissions Office and processed by the Office of the University Registrar, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts.

Ceasing to attend does not constitute an official withdrawal from a course or from the University. However, a Title IV-unofficial withdraw may be processed, as required per federal regulations, which may necessitate the return of federal financial aid.

California Baptist University expects to deliver instruction to its students through its traditional in-person and online formats.  By attending the University, students acknowledge this expectation and understand that the University may be compelled to modify course instruction formats due to circumstances or events beyond the University’s reasonable control such as acts of God, acts of government, war, disease, social unrest, and accidents.  As such, students attending the University assume the risk that circumstances may arise that mandate the closure of the campus or place restrictions upon the University’s delivery of instruction.  By attending the University, each student understands and agrees that they will not be entitled to a refund or price adjustment for the cost of course instruction if their courses are required to be provided in a modified format which the University deems appropriate under such circumstances.   

Refer to the Financial Aid and Academic Information sections in this catalog for additional information regarding withdrawals.

Tuition, room, and board charges may be refunded or credited per the following schedules:


Withdrawal from a course

  Within add/drop period A student may drop from a course and receive a full credit of tuition. No mark will appear on the transcript and no charge is incurred.
  Within withdrawal period A student may withdraw from a course. However, there will be no credit of tuition, and a “W” will appear on the transcript.

Withdrawal from the University (Traditional full-semester courses)

A student withdrawing from the University during the semester may receive a credit on tuition (room and board not included) according to the following schedule:

  Within the first two weeks after semester begins 100%
  Within the third week after semester begins 75%
  Within the fourth week after semester begins 50%
  Within the fifth through eighth week after semester begins 25%
  After the eighth week of the semester No refund

Completion of even one course in a session will make a student ineligible for withdrawal from the University for that semester.

Refer to the University Calendar and course schedule for add/drop and withdrawal dates. Course schedules may be obtained at www.calbaptist.edu/schedules.

Room and Board

These charges may be refunded or credited on a prorated basis upon approval of a written appeal. Appeals must indicate extenuating circumstances and be submitted to the Residence Life Office and/or University Card Services Office.

Repayment of Financial Aid

See “Withdrawal from the University” under Financial Aid for a complete discussion.