2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Enrollment and Student Services

Mr. Kent Dacus
Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services

Ms. Celeste Wilcox
Administrative Assistant
Phone (951) 343-4687
FAX (951) 343-4576

Philosophy of Student Development

As a Christian institution, California Baptist University has dual responsibilities to its constituency. As an academic institution, it seeks to promote high scholastic standards, stimulate mental alertness, impart a general knowledge of the natural world and of the history and institutions of human society, and to assist students in choosing and learning an area of specialization for their life’s work.

As a Christian institution, the University seeks to promote and follow the spiritual principles set forth by Jesus Christ. In acknowledging these principles, the University places special emphasis on leading students in an active pursuit of the spiritual values of life and developing leaders for the Southern Baptist churches of California and beyond.

Students at CBU are individuals involved in academic pursuits and at the same time are members of a Christian community nurturing one another in spiritual growth. The University expects students to take seriously this two-fold responsibility.

The Student Services Division is committed to the intellectual, spiritual, social, aesthetic, and physical development of California Baptist University students so that they are assisted in becoming autonomous, competent, responsible, and interdependent individuals who use their intellects and skills with wisdom and integrity.

Freedom and Responsibility

California Baptist University students are entitled to the same freedom as any other citizen of our country. It is the Policy of the University to ensure these rights, consistent with the provisions of law, acceptable tastes, and purposes and goals of the institution. When matriculation in the University requires that conditions be placed upon student freedoms, these conditions and their rationale are clearly delineated.

On this campus, the concepts of freedom and personal responsibility are inextricably bound together. The campus community, like any other, functions upon the principle that all members respect and protect the rights of their fellow citizens. Students are encouraged to develop these values which represent mature, self-disciplined people who appreciate the privilege of education and are willing to accept its responsibilities.

When people choose a college, they commit themselves to its philosophy of education, policies, and regulations. Students are to demonstrate proper respect of University personnel which includes, but is not limited to, compliance with directives of University officials in the performance of their duties.

Even though students may not agree with a few rules established by the University, it is expected that they comply with them in a manner conducive to the highest moral standards and in keeping with the discipline of the academic community.

Generally, through appropriate procedures, institutional judicial measures shall be imposed for conduct which adversely affects the institution’s pursuit of its educational objectives, which violates or shows a disregard for the rights of other members of the academic community, or which endangers property or persons on institution or institution-controlled property.

Responsibility for enforcement of Student Conduct Policy lies with the Dean of Students, Director of Student Conduct, and other Student Services staff. This group defines behavioral expectations and takes appropriate action in support of University Policy.

Standard of Student Conduct

In order to achieve its mission, California Baptist University expects members of the campus community to accept responsibility for their personal conduct and to encourage others within the community to do the same.

All students enrolled at California Baptist University are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Standard of Student Conduct, regardless of age, classification, or the number of hours being taken. The Standard of Student Conduct is established for the purpose of outlining expected behavior of students in the campus community. The Standard of Student Conduct shall be defined as any and all policy, procedure, and/or behavioral expectation contained within the Student Handbook and the University Catalog.

If the conduct of any member of the campus community is found to be detrimental to the academic, social, and spiritual development of others within the community, the University (through its various offices and personnel) provides guidance, direction, and if necessary, judicial action.

This Standard of Student Conduct shall apply to any and all lands owned or leased by the University, as well as, to any location where a student is engaged in a University activity. Examples of such coverage include, but are not limited to, athletic teams and performing arts groups traveling to and participating in events off campus, student teaching and observation/participation, student government, recognized organizations and clubs engaging in a club event or activity, off-campus internships, community service, study abroad, International Service Projects, United States Service Projects, and Summer Service Projects.

Students should understand the commitment to the spirit of the University and realize that their enrollment is viewed as a willingness to abide by and accept the responsibilities of the environment.

Philosophy of Discipline

The purpose of discipline at California Baptist University is to assist in maintaining individual and community growth. Personal growth and maturity are encouraged most when each member of the University community uses self-discipline and shares the responsibility to care enough about others to confront them when appropriate. The responsibility to confront one another in a loving manner should enable inappropriate behavior to be corrected on a personal level.

Unfortunately, situations may arise which warrant a formalized judicial process. Judicial procedures are designed to provide a just and equitable process of educational discipline. While every effort is made to protect the rights of students, the University does not attempt to duplicate or to emulate court proceedings and should not be viewed as such. Student judicial procedures, student rights, and the appeal process are outlined in detail in the Student Handbook.

Enrollment and Student Services Division

The Enrollment and Student Services Division encompasses Academic Advising, Career Center, Community Life, Counseling Center, Enrollment Services, Intercollegiate Athletics, Leadership and Transitions, Provider Food Service, Residence Life and Housing Services, Safety Services, Spiritual Life, Student Government, Student Health Center, Wellness Center, Title IX, and University Card Services. In addition to providing general supervision of the offices that comprise the Student Services division the Student Services Office provides services that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Administrating student health insurance provided through the University and accepting proof of insurance (as required by University policy)
  • Referring students to campus resources
  • Facilitating the judicial action and non-judicial action appeals processes
  • Investigating student allegations and complaints
  • Reviewing and approving on-campus postings (flyers, posters, etc.)
  • Serving as the primary point of notification when students are involved in situations that require an extended absence from campus
  • Coordinating commencement-related auditions and events
  • Any issue dealing with food services
  • Title IX Office

Academic Advising

The Office of Academic Advising assists Students with course registration, degree planning, graduation checks, program changes, and various academic appeals. Academic Advising works in cooperation with both departments and other Student support offices to ensure the best possible assistance is provided to Students navigating their program of study. Advisors are available by appointment, walk-in, chat, email, or phone.

Career Center and Student Employment

The Career Center serves as a connection between education and career by providing students opportunities and resources for professional development, networking, and experience. The goal of the Career Center staff is to equip students with the professionalism necessary to excel in their respective careers and become effective servant-leaders for Christ upon graduation, both locally and globally.

The Career Center provides students with varied opportunities for professional development and career exploration through programming that is both campus-wide and major specific. Career Center staff conducts classroom presentations, workshops, seminars, and provide office walk-in hours to assist and instruct students in their professional development. In addition, the Career Center arranges opportunities for students to interact and network with potential employers through career fairs and employer presentations.

Intercollegiate Athletics

The Athletic Department provides education for the body, mind and spirit of each student athlete at California Baptist University. The department is staffed by an athletic director, associate athletic director for compliance, associate athletic director for marketing and media relations, assistant athletic director for facilities, assistant athletic director for sports medicine, athletic academic counselor, director of media production, director of ticketing/sales, aquatic center director, athletic trainers, athletic performance director, coaches and a support staff. Coaches work diligently in the education of the students so they will experience athletic, academic and personal success in their endeavors, while encouraging Christ-like competition by all participants.

CBU is an active member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I. Within the NCAA, the Lancers compete in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC), which is comprised of eight (8) colleges and universities. In order to be eligible to participate in the California Baptist University Intercollegiate Athletics program, student athletes must meet all NCAA and/or WAC requirements and rules for competition.

The Lancers intercollegiate sports programs sponsored by CBU for men include baseball, basketball, cross country/distance track, golf, soccer, swimming and diving, water polo, and wrestling. Women’s programs include basketball, cheerleading, cross country/distance track, golf, softball, soccer, swimming and diving, volleyball, and water polo.

Recreation Center

The Recreation Center is a state-of-the-art fitness and recreation facility. The Recreation Center offers members of the campus community a wide range of personal fitness and group exercise opportunities. This facility is equipped with a number of recreation features including a state-of-the-art cardio and weight room, racquetball courts, a gymnasium with basketball and volleyball courts, group exercise rooms, a rooftop track and soccer field, men’s and women’s locker rooms, and lounge spaces located throughout the facility.

Safety Services

California Baptist University maintains a Department of Safety Services to enhance the safety and security of the campus community. In addition to staffing the Welcome Pavilion and patrolling school properties, the department provides twenty-four (24) hour assistance with emergencies, crime and injury reporting, safety escorts, and education of the campus community on safety and security practices.

Safety Services can be contacted by calling 951.343.4311 or from the LiveSafe mobile device app. LiveSafe is a personal safety app that provides a convenient way for users to Report Tips to Safety Services, contact Emergency Services, find places on an interactive Campus Map, and GoSafe by either being watched or watching over a friend or requesting that Safety Services provide an escort. There is also a resource library for health and wellness services and what to do in an emergency. LiveSafe is available for download at the App Store or on Google Play.

In the event of a medical or police emergency situation, call 911 and then contact the Safety Services Department at 951.343.4311 or from LiveSafe, as described above. Other situations should be reported to the Safety Services Department immediately.

Community and Emergency Notification

The University has developed a multimedia system to immediately notify students, faculty, staff, and visitors of any emergency circumstance or serious situation that poses a credible threat to the safety and security of the campus community. Components of this system include:

  1. A siren/verbal warning system capable of projecting audible messages across open areas of the main campus. Pre-recorded messages are activated at the press of a button or more specific verbal messages with instructions may be delivered over the speaker system.
  2. CBU Alert - an “opt-in” system capable of transmitting and delivering messages to all subscribed email and cellular telephone addresses on file with the University. Students must “opt-in” to receive these messages.
  3. All University-issued email addresses are pre-entered into this system and those users have the option to include their personal cellular phone and/or any other device capable of receiving text-based messages. Parents and guardians of students enrolled at CBU may also be added through the student’s account.

Any or all parts of this system may be activated in response to any specific incident.

For instances when there is no immediate threat to the safety of the campus community but it is desirable to provide information for educational or crime prevention purposes, email distribution is used to disseminate relevant facts and measures to be implemented or considered.

Vehicle Registration

Students who operate a vehicle on campus must register for a parking permit with the Safety Services Department. Parking permits are issued for the current school year. Drivers are expected to comply with the University traffic and safety regulations and non-compliance may result in the issuance of a citation and/or suspension of parking and/or driving privileges on campus. Copies of the California Baptist University Vehicle Code are available in the Student Handbook.

International Student Services

The Department of International Student Services (ISS) assists international students in transitioning into the CBU community, exploring American culture, and understanding U.S. immigration regulations. ISS ensures that students understand institutional expectations, provides support services, processes immigration documents, plans and implements activities that promote campus awareness and appreciation for cultural understanding and experience, and assists students in becoming integrated into the CBU community.

Spiritual Life

California Baptist University is committed to the biblical teaching of the Christian faith. As a result, the University has sought since inception to evidence the values of Christian living in the lives of students, staff, and faculty as they live out the Christian ethics of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Though student are not required to be Christians, the University encourages students to grow in their relationships with God by exploring the gospel and expressing the Christian faith in a variety of ways.

As a University committed to the Great Commission, the University provides opportunities for spiritual growth and formation through the Office of Spiritual Life. The purpose of the Office of Spiritual Life is “Investing in lives to develop followers of Jesus.”

California Baptist University requires students to take Bible-based courses in Christian studies. However, the University also offers students many opportunities to explore and express the Christian faith. Students are encouraged to participate in ways unique to personal needs and interests through regularly scheduled times of spiritual emphasis, Bible studies, worship gatherings, evangelism, ministry teams, community service, and missions.

Compassion Ministries

By putting faith into action, students learn the significance of demonstrating the love of Christ in the context of the gospel. Participating in urban projects for a day or a weekend, working with the homeless, or serving the local community gives students the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others in the name of Jesus.

Discipleship Ministries

Students of California Baptist University have opportunities to grow in their relationships with Christ through discipleship and mentoring in the context of weekly small groups, regular large-group meetings, regularly-scheduled conferences, and other events that encourage spiritual growth. The primary discipleship structure is Challenge, an intentional discipleship process based in small groups called “Tribes.”

Men’s and Women’s Ministries

Special all-male or all-female events provide environments that foster community for students to grow in their relationships with Christ and each other. Events are gospel-centered and planned around shared interests, strengths, experiences, and struggles. Ministry events provide opportunities for students to hear guest speakers, participate in small-group discussion, learn about gospel-centered resources, and be involved in ongoing discipleship.

Third Culture Kid (TCK) Ministries

At CBU, TCKs are American students who spent most or all of their developmental years outside of the United States. Although they are Americans by birth, they often do not feel connected to American/Californian culture or the culture of the American University. The TCK Ministry comes alongside and supports TCKs to assist them in bridging cultural gaps they encounter during their time at CBU so that they can grow socially, spiritually, and academically.


In cooperation with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and various missions organizations, International Service Projects (ISP) creates opportunities for students to participate in the “Great Commission” (Matthew 28:19-20) so that they might gain a global vision for the cause of the gospel as well as cross-cultural experience through service learning. ISP teams have served in more than fifty (50) countries since 1997. Participation in ISP is open to California Baptist University students who meet membership requirements, successfully complete the application and interview process, fulfill fundraising obligations, and are in good academic and behavioral standing with the University. The service learning application and selection process is coordinated by the Mobilization area of Spiritual Life and takes place during the fall semester.

  • Engagement. Teams of California Baptist University students serve internationally for approximately three (3) weeks during the summer months. Each team is led by a University official or other approved member of the University community. The ministry focus may vary depending upon the outreach strategy of the selected area.
  • Immersion. Teams of California Baptist University students serve internationally for approximately eight (8) weeks during the summer months. Ministry focus varies depending on the outreach strategy of the selected area(s). Summer of Service was established in 2010, and in 2017 was rebranded as Immersion.
  • Encounter. Teams of California Baptist University students serve internationally for approximately two (2) weeks during the summer months. Each team is led by a University official or other approved member of the University community. Encounter was launched in 2018. The projects differ depending upon the service opportunities of the selected area.

Student Health Insurance

California Baptist University contracts with United Healthcare Student Resources to provide student healthcare insurance. Information regarding the student health insurance plan may be accessed at www.calbaptist.edu/healthinsurance.

International students are required to enroll in the student insurance plan.

Graduate Athletic Training, Speech Language Pathology, Nursing, and Physician Assistant Studies students are automatically charged for medical insurance provided by the University, unless proof of medical insurance is submitted through the online waiver accessed at www.calbaptist.edu/healthinsurance. Proof of insurance must be submitted prior to the “last day to drop a class with refund” as indicated in the University Calendar, during the first semester of attendance of each academic year. Athletic Training, Speech Language Pathology, Nursing, and Physician Assistant Studies students who do not submit proof of medical insurance by the deadline will be enrolled in the plan.

Only Graduate Athletic Training, Speech Language Pathology, Nursing, and Physician Assistant Studies students and Graduate International students are eligible to enroll on this plan.

For questions contact the University Card Services Office.

Wellness Center

The California Baptist University Wellness Center, located at 3626 Monroe Street, houses the CBU Health Center and the CBU Counseling Center. The goal of the Wellness Center staff is to provide effective health, wellness, and counseling services that promote academic and personal success.

Student Health Center

The Health Center is available to all members of the campus community. To help maintain a healthy campus environment, students are encouraged to visit the student health center at the onset of illness symptoms and other health-related concerns. Health Center staff can address most conditions that are treated in an urgent care facility.

The Health Center is operated in cooperation with Riverside Medical Clinic that provides staffing and insurance billing services. In addition to accepting student health insurance (UnitedHealthcare Student Resources) provided through California Baptist University, most PPO insurances and HMO insurances (that name Riverside Medical Clinic as their primary medical group) are accepted at the Health Center. Kaiser Permanente Health Plans are not accepted at the Student Health Center. The Health Center has reasonable walk-in rates for all CBU community members beginning at $23. For students, faculty, and staff needing ongoing care and prescriptions for pre-existing conditions, it is recommended they visit their primary care physician.

The Health Center is typically open while classes are in session, Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Call 951.321.6520 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are required for all routine well- and/or preventative- services visits. Walk-ins are welcome.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers a full range of counseling assistance as members of the campus community strive to become more effective, productive, and comfortable with University life. The primary mission of the Counseling Center is to provide professionally competent and personally compassionate care for students, faculty and staff. The goal of the Counseling Center is to provide services with a Christ-centered approach and biblically-focused world view.

Counseling is provided by well-trained Marriage Family Therapist interns and trainees. All counseling is provided under the professional supervision of fully licensed therapists. Issues that can be addressed with a counselor include, but are not limited to:

Addiction/Substance Abuse Family Conflict
Anger Grief
Anxiety Identity/Self-Image
Depression Life Transitions
Divorce Relational

Counseling is completely confidential except where limited by law. These limitations include any plan to harm others or self along with issues of child and/or elder abuse.

The Counseling Center is available to students, faculty, staff, and immediate family members (dependents, parent, sibling, or spouse). Typically, appointments will be scheduled within one (1) week of initial contact. Walk-in appointments are available for urgent situations. Call 951.689.1120 to schedule an appointment.