2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 27, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Aviation Science

Dr. John Marselus

Mr. Peyton Beard
Department Secretary
Phone 951.552.8800
FAX 951.552.8801

Faculty Information

The Department of Aviation Science prepares students for professional aviation careers who think critically, communicate effectively, and lead ethically with excellence built on a strong Christian foundation. Students can obtain private pilot, instrument airplane, commercial single engine and multi engine, flight instructor, instrument instructor, and multiengine instructor FAA certifications and ratings. In addition, greater in-depth knowledge is obtained in areas such as aerodynamics, airline management, human factors, international aviation environment, laws and regulations, leadership, meteorology, safety, and security. 

The Aviation Flight Bachelor of Science program is designed for students with little or no flight experience desiring a career as a professional aviator. The Aviation Flight program has concentrations in Commercial, Military, Missionary, and Unmanned Aerial Systems. Potential careers include airline pilot, air cargo pilot, military pilot, missionary pilot, law enforcement pilot, state aviation department pilot, air taxi or charter pilot, business or corporate pilot, unmanned aerial system operator and observer, and flight instructor.

All incoming Aviation Flight majors are initially enrolled as preflight majors. After successful completion of solo with a minimum 2.5 GPA, the student can declare Aviation Flight with a specific concentration. The preflight program is designed that even after a year, an Aviation Management Bachelor of Science can be completed within the next three years of that four year degree. For those considering the Aviation Flight BS UAS or Military concentrations, additional requirements need to be met in order to declare either of those concentrations.

The Aviation Management Bachelor of Science program is designed for students desiring a professional non-flight aviation career. The Aviation Management program has concentrations in Aerospace Technology, Airport Management and Operations, Dispatch, Flight Operations, and Logistics and Operations. Graduates are prepared for careers in airline management, airport management, fixed base operations management, aviation safety and security, dispatch, and aviation consulting.

Aviation Minors include Dispatch, Management, Missionary Pilot, and Unmanned Aerial Systems. These can be added to the Aviation Management or Aviation Flight Bachelors of Science degrees as appropriate or other degrees within the university.  Dispatch prepares graduates to serve as a crew scheduler or dispatcher with airlines or business aviation as a licensed FAA Dispatcher while Unmanned Aerial Systems prepares students to enter this rapidly evolving segment of the aviation industry with the knowledge of remotely piloted systems and the pilot qualifications necessary to fly UAS within the national airspace system.