2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 04, 2023  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Christian Ministries

Dr. Chris Morgan

Dr. Anthony Chute
Associate Dean

Ms. Maigen Turner
Administrative Secretary
Phone 951.343.4248
FAX 951.343.4436

Faculty Information

The School of Christian Ministries equips students to serve and lead in churches and other ministry-related organizations. The School’s objective is to guide students to become biblically centered, theologically grounded, historically informed, philosophically conscious, ethically engaged, and practically equipped for the benefit of the church and the advancement of Christ’s kingdom among the nations.

The School of Christian Ministries offers the Bachelor of Applied Theology (BAT) degree, a program designed to equip a new generation of pastoral leaders. The Bachelor of Applied Theology degree is fully directed, combining rigorous biblical and theological study with practical ministry experience.

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies gives students a broad understanding of the Bible, biblical interpretation, Christian theology, Christian history, and Christian ministry.

The Intercultural Studies major, Global Studies minor, and Global Justice minor help students to think globally as they learn about cultures and people groups, for the purpose of developing passion for the nations and strategies for reaching the world with the gospel.

The Philosophy program teaches students to recognize, analyze, and engage the central issues of human existence in a historical context, emphasizing the integration of faith in academic study and Christian living. The Ethics minor equips students to understand the basis of moral thought and develop critical thinking skills related to moral evaluations.

Students who pair a School of Christian Ministries major with a second major outside SCM are eligible for the double major scholarship. With a double major, students are able to study the Bible at a deeper level, develop their theology, and integrate their faith in work and the world.

The School of Christian Ministries also directs the University Honors Program, a community of students who research, debate, and discuss the key questions of life. Students in the Honors Program replace required general education courses with more advanced seminars that explore the intersections of faith, history, science, philosophy, literature, and culture.